Roko Green Line

Paints which are good for your health & the environment.

Roko Decorative Paints

Decorative paints which are fresh, independent, intuitive and creative.

Roko Industrial Coatings

Intuitive coatings which are renowned for the highest quality & performance.

Roko Wood Protection

Paints designed to protect and enhance your wood's natural appearance.

"The first impression is the most lasting..."
ROKO paints not only look good, but are durable
& long lasting, designed for both professionals and hobby users.

KUKI Paint is a coating that can turn any wall into a space for your ideas, notes, and creativity.

Paints which are not only good for your health, but paints which also protect our environment.

ROKO manufactures its own range of decorative paints, which are fresh, independent, intuitive and creative in their own way, guaranteeing you a unique quality finish.

ROKO Industrial Coatings have earned a reputation for being innovative, whilst marinating the highest level of quality and performance in their respected fields. Combined with our world leading service, we have a coating system for all your needs.

ROKO wood protection products benefit prom the most recent advances in coatings technology and include products for all types of wood in interiors & exteriors.

There is no better feeling than a DIY project. Choose what you want to paint, and we’ll offer you the right product to get the job done right!

Detoxy Color
the first paint for your health

A unique paint which is based on photo-catalytic materials & nanoparticles, which destroys:

Bacteria, Mold, Cigarette Smoke, Odors, & Harmful Agents.