Cover 0

Finishing paste for plastering.

  • comfort applications
  • super fine
  • extra white
  • 5 kg
  • 15 kg
  • 30 kg
Cover 0

A pastelike coating composition developed for a thin layer final surface treatment of engineering structures, especially for large-area coating of inwalls, in the thickness up to 4 mm in one step. Its outstanding feature is increased abrasion resistance while simultaneously remaining an easy grindability. Cover O comprises a small-grained mineral filler, special binders, improving additives and water.



Cover 0 is in particular suitable for creating smooth plaster coats as well as for large-area treatment of  white coat, stucco, building adhesives coats, concrete surfaces, gypsum plasterboards, fermacell or cetris plates, etc. You can apply it for surface levelling prior to painting, for local roughness correction, etc. The final surface is smooth and impressive.
Cover O is suitable for both manual and mechanical treatment. Application in a permanently moist or wet environment is not recommended.

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