Interier Forte

Interior washable paint with extreme sparkling whiteness.

  • extra white
  • good covering ability
  • acrylate dispersion
  • 1,5 kg/1,03 l
  • 7,5 kg/5,17 l
  • 15 kg/10,34 l
  • 40 kg/27,59 l
Interier Forte

A water-based painter’s color based on acrylate dispersion comprising fillers, additives, fungicides, cellulose derivative and titanium white.
The outstanding feature of Rokointerier Forte paint is its superior covering power: one coat is usually enough. It has extreme sparkling whiteness, up to 96 %. It is also easily treatable, especially when roller-coated. This paint doesn´t brittle, crack or peel off. It is very washable, resistant to dry and wet abrasion and vapor permeable.



Interier Forte paint is recommended to be painted on aesthetically and functionally challenging spaces (luxury interiors, assembly halls, bathrooms, school canteens, hospitals, food-processing plants, etc.) Being very universal, it can be applied on coating plaster boards, old and new internal plasters, concrete, chipboard and fiberboard.

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