ALG remover

ALG Remover is fast and high performance cleaner, which effectively remove mosses, algae and other organic contamination.

  • amtibacterial
  • algaecide
  • permanent
  • 1 l
  • 5 l
ALG remover

ALG Remover is a quick and powerful cleaner that effectively removes mosses, fungi and other organic contamination. It can be used to clean exterior of buildings, paint coatings, wood, furniture, etc. Can be used both in interiors and exteriors to clean mold and moss. Can be applied on windows, door exteriors, timbers and wooden surfaces, and places which are prone to humidity like corridors, sanitations, bathrooms, locker rooms, garages, warehouses, attics, and cellars. Also it can be used to clean garden furniture. Other recommend uses include walls, roofs, terraces, fountains, ponds, monuments, fences, decks, garden stones, paving, hulls, marquees, tennis courts, etc. Can be used on materials such as tiles, slates, bricks, concrete, wood, and natural stone.   



Used with undiluted.
For protection of wood and coating at interior are recommended consumption 100 – 150 ml/m² for 1st layer.
For protection of wood and facade at exterior are recommended consumption 150 – 200 ml/m² for 1st layer.

Approximate outdoors coverage:
- Strong contaminated and porous surface – 3 m²/l
- Middle contaminated and porous surface – 4 m²/l
- Few to medium contaminated surface – 5 m²/l
- Few contaminated surface – 7 m²/l

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