ATTENTION! Have you already got your wood stain coating for summer season?

Rokolazur Natur Thix is an aroma-free thin-layer varnish based on modified alkyd resin and special oils, containing inorganic and organic microfine pigments. It comes in the popular no-spill thixotropic (gel) texture so that it does not drip from the brush and the applied coat does not run. It provides efficient wood protection against weather conditions and UV radiation while maintaining wood’s natural appearance, prevents graying and adds a new colorful look. The varnish does not need thinning. In order to increase the protection of wood, namely any areas exposed to water, use Rokobiostop fungicide aroma-free treatment before applying a varnish. It will protect wood from wood-decaying and woodstaining  fungi. To provide long-term protection, apply two to three coats of the treatment. The varnish is most often used for wooden houses, garden furniture, fences, doors, wooden ceilings, shingles, etc. The varnish is certified by the National Institute of Public Health pursuant to Decree of the Czech Ministry of Health No. 84/2001 Sb., on hygiene requirements for toys and products for children up to 3 years of age.