New Additions To The Roko Greenline Range

Detoxy ALG – natural protection for both new and old building exteriors


Rokospol has introduced a completely new innovative product to the marketplace called Detoxy ALG. The coating contains special nano particles which continuously protect against the formation of algae, moss and mold on building exteriors. The coating is applied as a final layer on new building exteriors, or on original building exteriors previously cleaned with the product ALG Remover, and is completely transparent maintaining your building exterior‘ s original appearance.


ALG Remover – effectively and easily cleans your building exterior


ALG Remover just as the name suggests, is a highly effective multifunctional product, which completely removes all organic dirt (oily stains, dirt, moss etc.) from all porous building materials. The product was developed to provide our customers with a complete system for cleaning and protecting building exteriors.