Your priceless helper is here – NEW ROKO BUILDING CATALOGUE

Do you want to paint a bench, tin roof or facade and you do not know which product is the most suitable? To make your selection and orientation easier, we have prepared a new catalogue of building materials which will make the tank much easier. Click here to view it.

All products listed in the catalogue are clearly divided into categories according to the purpose of use. For each product, the basic characteristics, properties, method of application, packaging in which the product is available and other technical information are clearly given. If you are hungry for more knowledge, there is nothing easier than using a mobile phone to read the QR code and finding the corresponding product website quickly, which also contains the technical and safety data sheets. To give you a better idea of ​​how a specific product is applied, we have added selected photo procedures to selected products. The ROKO catalogue of building materials and chemicals is available on our website, in ROKO stores, through our sales representatives and it is also possible to have it sent by e-mail. We believe that thanks to this catalogue you will get a quick and comprehensive overview of our product range.